Tidying Cloud Drives

My cloud drives until last week:

  • A free dropbox account that I use to share files with my wife
  • Google $2.99 a month 200 gig plan with videos for online courses and photos
  • Google photos (separate from google drive!)
  • Amazon Photos
  • OneDrive $6.99 a month with 1 TB and an Office 365 subscription

My goal was to use OneDrive for everything since I have over 200 gigs of data. I considered switching to a NAS, but realized that if I did that I’d still want to back it up to cloud, so why just use cloud? Whenever we replace a laptop, we just connect to the cloud and get access to all our data.

But I didn’t want to have data spread over multiple cloud providers. I wanted a simple way to synch photos from my phone and my wife’s phone and be able to drag them to a folder that’s shared with family.

Challenge #1 Copying Giles to OneDrive

Copy files from Google Drive, Amazon Photos, and Dropbox and Google Drive. When I try to do this through Windows Explorer, it fails because I don’t have enough available hard disk space on my laptop.

Solution: AirCluster, which allows you to synchronize files between hard disks or cloud drives. There’s a pro version of AirCluster, but I was able to do everything I needed to with the free version.

Challenge #2 Copying Photos from Google Photos

But there’s no easy way to map google photos as a hard drive, so it won’t work with AirCluster. Solution: https://www.raidrive.com/ the free version allowed me to create a mapped drive for Google Photos. Once you do this, you can use AirCluster to copy google photos to OneDrive.

Challenge #3 Sharing folder on OneDrive with my wife

As far as I can tell, Microsoft 365 Family does not allow people in the same family to see each others shared folders in Windows Explorer. This is a deal breaker for me, so I put both our computers on the same Microsoft profile connected to the same Microsoft 365 OneDrive account, that we both have access to all the same folders.

Challenge #4 Deleting Google Photos and Reducing Gmail Storage

I wanted to get under the 15 gigs allowed on google’s free tier, but google photos won’t just let you mass delete. So I paid $6.99 for a chrome extension called “Delete all Google Photos.”

I also searched through my gmail for large attachments and deleted them or copied to OneDrive. It was manual, but didn’t take that long.

Other Tasks

  • Change phone setting so that photos are not backed up to Google Photos or other services, and instead are backed up to OneDrive.
  • Downgrading to the free Google tier.

Final Thoughts

  • The process of

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