Retirement for Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam retires on September 30, 2021. Well, technically you can still take it till the end of October, but you have to sign up by September 30th.

Kind of a bummer for me! On August 10th I launched an all-new Certified Associate practice exam course on Udemy and less than four weeks later we learn the exam is going to be retired! Not just tweaked or rebranded, but retired! Sure, some of the same topics do appear on the new Tableau Certified Data Analyst, but the exam guide shows significant differences in both the topics tested and the question format. The Data Analyst exam doesn’t just cover Tableau Desktop – it also tests Tableau Prep and Tableau Server.

I’ll be taking the Data Analyst exam in a few days, closing off signups for the Certified Associate course, and scrambling to create material for the new test.

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