Cutting Expenses

To prepare for my switch to self-employment, my wife and I took steps to cut expenses.

  1. Refinanced our mortgage. My wife handled the numerous phone calls to our lender. We both spent an hour or two signing paperwork in-person with a notary. The new mortgage payoff date is just a few months later than the payoff date for our original mortgage, but our monthly payment is about $200 a month lower.
  2. Switched my wife’s cell phone service from Google Fi (about $30 a month, varies based on use) to Mint ($15 a month).
  3. Switched my text and talk only Alcatel flip cell phone from Ting ($15 a month) to RedPocket Mobile (Redpocket mobile offers a shockingly cheap 360 day text and talk plan for $2.50 a month if you get the 360 day plan)
  1. Called Verizon and said I was planning to switch from Verizon Fios to Xfinity. They reduced my bill to from $55 to $40.
  2. Canceled Amazon Prime. We save a little bit on the monthly Amazon fee, but since we pay for Amazon music this isn’t that big. But quitting prime reduces impulse purchases since we have to group purchases together to get free shipping. Sometimes I’ve biked to target or used ebay instead of Amazon.
  3. Canceled Peapod grocery delivery. Instead I shop mostly at Aldi, which is cheaper. Peapod was occasionally hours late, which could be a headache. One time they delivered groceries at least an hour after my usual bedtime…. not very convient. I like shopping at Aldi.. last time I was there I got a 3 foot tall houseplant for $13.

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